Gary Lineker says he 'will apologise' to Frank Lampard after making awkward joke about his hair

In his recent list of gaffes, Gary Lineker made an accidental dig at Frank Lampard last week during the Germany vs Hungary match on Wednesday ( June 19).

Gary Lineker remark at Frank Lampard thinning hair What is Frank Lampard doing now
© Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC/ Getty Images
Gary Lineker remark at Frank Lampard thinning hair What is Frank Lampard doing now

BBC Host Gary Lineker may be earning a jaw-dropping salary for his gig with the network, but that doesn’t make him immune to making embarrassing mistakes on live TV. He recently made an unintentional jibe at Frank Lampard when they were part of BBC's coverage of the European Championship. The two former footballers were part of the panel observing the match between Germany and Hungary on June 19.

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Known as one of the finest footballers in the UK, Lineker has made his living from first playing football and now presenting it. As the BBC presenter, he was joined by former Chelsea icon Frank Lampard, England legend Alex Scott and Brentford boss Thomas Frank.

Gary Lineker’s ‘savage’ comment on Frank Lampard

The match saw Germany win over Hungary (2-0). After the game, footage of German supporters celebrating the win was recorded from a nearby event space - the iconic Brandenburg Gate, which sits behind their studio. Lineker remarked to viewers that if they removed the screen that had just shown Germany's victory, they'd see all the fans celebrating the win.

He then pointed out that removing the screen wouldn’t be one of the best ideas for them, reports MailOnline. He said:

But if they took the screen down they wouldn't be able to watch the game.

Frank Lampard chimed in:

They'd see my head. They wouldn't turn up for that!

Little did Lineker know that what he would say next would become such a big deal on social media that he would eventually have to apologise for it. Taking an inadvertent jibe Lampard's thinning hair, Lineker said:

No, you're right, nobody wants to see the back of your head these days, that's for sure.

As it often happens, minutes later the unintentional jibe had taken over the internet with many fans remarking it as ‘savage.’

When Lineker realised the gravity of his remark, he issued an apology on his The Rest Is Football podcast and explained he actually ‘meant it about everyone’ and not just Lampard. He said:

Obviously Frank's slightly thinning, I'm slightly thinning, and I actually meant it about everyone

He added:

I felt really bad, I'll have to apologise. I will apologise because it wasn't deliberate but I get how funny it was. Those things happen on live TV.

Frank Lampard has not commented on the issue yet.

What is Frank Lampard doing now?

Born on June 20, 1978, Lampard is one of the finest footballers in the country. He has had a successful career playing football primarily with Chelsea FC and England. According to The Sun, he signed for Blues in June 2001 for £11 million - the second-highest fee Chelsea had spent on a player.

Lampard played midfield and scored 211 goals with the team. He spent 13 seasons playing at Stamford Bridge before leaving in 2014.

Lampard transitioned into management after retiring from playing football. Over the years, he has taken charge of clubs such as Derby County and Chelsea. Most recently, he was the co-manager and coach of the Soccer Aid match's England team which took place on 6 June. His team won with a score of 6-3 to England.

The football star is married to TV presenter Christine Lampard and has two children with her - Freddie and Patricia. Christine is also the step-mum to Lampard’s children from his ex-wife, Luna and Isla.

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