Barron Trump described as ‘sharp, funny, sarcastic and tough’ by dinner guest

Donald Trump’s son impressed dinner guests at a recent gathering in one of the former president’s residences.

Barron's Trump's personality
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Barron's Trump's personality

Barron Trump has grown up as the youngest son of one the most widely recognised men in politics. His father, Donald Trump, is currently in court for his hush money case involving adult film star Stormy Daniels. However, he also has a campaign to run as he goes up against his long-term opponent President Joe Biden. As this is a busy time for Trump, it’s a busy time for his whole family - and his wife Melania and son Barron are also under the spotlight.

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Recently, Barron Trump was spotted out for an Easter meal with his family and analysts claimed he changed behaviour around his mother and his father. Now, guests who attended a dinner at Mar-a-Lago have revealed what Barron is like in a social setting. Here’s everything you need to know.

Barron’s personality revealed over dinner

American entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, comedian Vincent Oshana, and podcaster Tom Ellsworth were all in attendance. The group discussed their experience on an episode of Patrick's PBD podcast, where they cracked the myth that Barron is shy and reserved.

Contrary to popular belief, it seems the 18-year-old was full of life at the gathering. Vincent stated that the 18-year-old is ‘witty, smart, hilarious’ and clued-up when it comes to politics. Barron reportedly said: ‘You know, everybody's always going to fight. There's left. There's right.’

As for the recent increase in media attention, Barron seemed prepared for the reality of the situation. He reportedly explained that the press could come after him if they wanted, and that he saw no reason why he should be spared what all children of people in the public eye end up facing. Vincent explained that it was 'very interesting to see' his take on this, and said he had a 'good head on his shoulders'.

Anecdotes and jokes

At one point during the dinner, the music got quite loud, and Barron was quick to make a joke. The young man explained that his father loves to have tunes blasting, and his volume control often leaves the house ‘shaking’.

Tom explained that Barron shared ‘honest life anecdotes about family’. He added that Barron’s friend, Bo Loudon, was also at the dinner, and the pair shared stories about their adventures together. Tom added:

He wasn't snide, he wasn't telling dirty jokes. He was balanced, talking about going to college. He was cracking me up.

The next step for Barron will be college. The family have not announced where he will go but, according to Hello! Magazine, NYU is his top choice.

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Barron Trump’s behaviour changes when with Melania or Donald Trump, says expert Barron Trump’s behaviour changes when with Melania or Donald Trump, says expert