Skin positivity: 5 influencers you absolutely need to know about

Instagram can sometimes be diluted with content that harms more than anything but these five ladies are showing the world how to redefine the meaning of beauty.

It's always a good feeling to know that you can use social media to empower yourself. Many have expressed sometimes feeling consumed by imagery that only serves to feed the ego of the one posting the picture and –in turn– damaging the viewer's self image.

But not all instagram accounts are the same (and good riddance for that!) so we thought we would round out a list of our favourite skin positive Instagrammers who are fighting the good fight and showing the world the different definitions of beauty that exist.

Constanza Concha

This skin positivity and OCD awareness influencer has made a huge splash in the press with her appearances in high profile beauty magazines and for bringing awareness to one of the rarest forms of acne called Acne Conglobata.

Lex Talonted

After suffering from rosacea for over 15 years, Lex decided to document her life in however which way her skin manifested itself. As a result, she not only widens the scope of beauty by showing us what it means to her, she allows room for vulnerability to peek through and show others that it's okay to look 'different.'

Shauna Murdie

This Scottish beauty is, as she puts it herself, 'just a girl wanting to promote self-love and acceptance.' Her desire to want to challenge society's idea of beauty by highlighting what she calls her 'imperfections' is not only inspiring but truly essential in helping us rid ourselves of pop culture's standard of what one should look like.

Nicole, the Blemish Queen

Initially having started her account to document her journey with Accutane, this 23-year-old from New Jersey's impact has been bigger than even she would have ever imagined. What's our favourite thing about her? Probably the fact that she can smile so effortlessly when faced with adversity.

Toni, skinlikewhoa

This skincare enthusiast, explains having started her account to feel better about herself and to find her community. Interestingly, what she also found was that there was a lack of representation of black people when it came to the conversation surrounding skin positivity. Thankfully for us Toni, we now have you!

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