This Vicious Disease Is Threatening The Lives Of Pets Across The UK

A terrifying outbreak is spreading through the UK, having already claimed the lives of over 120 dogs. Watch our video to find out more about this disease, what the symptoms look like, and how you can make sure your dog stays safe.

Alabama rot, an infectious disease that affects dogs, is on the rise throughout the UK and Ireland. Since its initial outbreak in 2012, more than 120 dogs have been affected by the disease. The current outbreak of the disease has been the worst one yet, doubling previous years and outbreaks figures. The cause is unknown and the disease has a fatality rate of 90%. The disease is not to be taken lightly.

Identifying the symptoms

Alabama rot’s symptoms vary greatly, but the most commonly found signs amongst dogs who contract the disease are the following:

1. Lesions

2. Sore skin

3. Loss of appetite

4. Increased fatigue

5. Vomiting

Alabama Rot typically leads to kidney failure for the dog, which can begin to manifest in the above symptoms within 2-7 days after contraction.

If you wish to learn more about how you can best identify the symptoms of the disease looks like and other tips in order to ensure your canine companion stays safe during this outbreak, check out the video above.

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