This puppy wore a tuxedo for his adopters but they never showed up

A little puppy named Vicente was all set to start a new life when something unfortunate happened to him on adoption day.

Dogs are rightfully a man’s best friend. For a person, a dog might just be a pet animal, but for the dog, their owners are their whole world. This puppy was in the hopes of finding a ‘furever’ home, but the fates were not in his favour... at least not on his first adoption day.

Puppy with a tuxedo

As per Mirror, Vicente, the puppy, was a resident of a Colombian animal charity called Fundación Rescátame. They shared pictures of little Vicente, groomed and dressed up in a tuxedo on their Instagram. He was all set up for meeting his new adopters, but they never showed up. Vicente was heartlessly abandoned before even joining his new family. Rescátame shared in an Instagram post:

Vicente was left all dressed up and excited, ready for adoption. His supposed adopter never came to pick him up. Just as he was ready for a home, all bathed, they cancelled the adoption.

Unfortunately, Vicente is not the first pet to get abandoned like this. According to IndiaToday, the shelter shared that this is the reason why they have a strict adoption process.

Did Vicente get a happy ending?

However, this was not the case for Vicente. The pup’s story went viral shortly after being posted online, and there were a plethora of people who came forward with the wish of adopting him. Vicente finally got adopted and the shelter shared a picture of him with his new family, just days later. They said:

We want to tell you that Vicente has already been adopted by a beautiful family that will love him for life. Thanks to all the interested people, we never thought that his story would go this far

It's been two years since Vicente first got abandoned on his adoption day. Now he is all grown up and even has his own Instagram page where his family shares his adventures!

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