These Are 10 Ways Your Dog Shows You They Love You

Your dog is your whole life: it's your baby. But does your dog love you more than anything else? Here are 10 signs that prove it.

1. Your dog protects you.

When a stranger approaches you, your dog doesn't fail to warn them. It's clear that your dog is looking after your safety because it loves you.

2. Your dog licks you.

These are kisses to show you all the love your dog has for you.

3. Your dog does yoga positions.

This means that it feels confident enough with you to be vulnerable in front of you.

4. Your dog lends you toys.

Your dog shares toys with you because it trusts you, and also because your dog likes to have fun with you.

5. Your dog jumps everywhere.

Your dog is excited to see you. Its way of letting you know is to jump for joy all over the house.

6. Your dog waits for you to return.

When you come back you already see his adorable tail at the window thumping with impatience!

7. Your dog looks into your eyes.

Your dog can't talk to you, so it shows you how important you are by looking at you.

8. Morning noises.

Your dog scratches at your door in the morning to say hello.

9. Your dog recognizes you.

It remembers you after seeing many people in a day.

10. Your dog yawns like you.

It's a sign of empathy that shows your dog wants to be nice and close to you.

5 Ways That Your Dog Shows You How Much They Love You 5 Ways That Your Dog Shows You How Much They Love You