Hunter's Inhumane Actions Towards Defenseless Dog Sparks Outrage Online

Hunter's Inhumane Actions Towards Defenseless Dog Sparks Outrage Online

The fate of Cooky the dog is a story making rounds on the net, after the dog was caught on the bad end of a trap destined for a fox, set by a hunter.

Cooky's story

‘Cooky loved to walk alone, his collar and chip allowed his humans to be relaxed. They had adopted him after finding him homeless as a puppy, with a hurt neck. The survivor had a taste for the great outdoors. And if he disappeared, he always came back after a few hours.’

But two weeks ago, Cooky did not come home. His adoptive family then went looking for him, searching the surrounding area, going several miles by car and on foot, then the next day and the following days. While his humans were searching for him and making missing posters, Cooky was dying, caught in a fox trap.

It was not until several days later that the fox hunter heard people calling for the dog, and he did nothing to free poor Cooky and left him dying for several days in the trap. He then decided to contact the family to ask them to get rid of the dog's corpse, not wanting to pay to have him buried.

One Voice files complaint

The One Voice advocacy group has filed a complaint for the family, who were in shock, and for Cooky, for acts of cruelty, wilfully damaging an animal's life and setting up an unauthorised trap.

Their ‘Zoe Cell’ will represent them at the trial, in order to try and have the hunter sentenced. To support them in this fight, you can sign their petition against violence towards pets.

Besides the cruelty towards Cooky, that towards foxes

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Remember that the ordeal experienced by Cooky is experienced by thousands of foxes every day. Between 600,000 and 1 million foxes are slaughtered each year in Britain. They are shot, trapped, or chased by hunting dogs into their burrows.

These are unimaginable numbers, especially when we know that foxes haven’t carried the plague for a long time, and they could even help us fight against Lyme disease by hunting rodents who are infested with ticks.

If you or anyone you know knows of a case of animal abuse and would like to report it, make sure to check out the official website of the RSPCA where you can submit any info relevant to the liberation of an animal in need.  

Stacey Williams
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