After Posting This Photo With His Dog, He Had People Calling The Police On Him

After Posting This Photo With His Dog, He Had People Calling The Police On Him

When this man posted a photo of himself and his precious dog cuddling on social media, he never dreamed that it would get him into trouble with the police. Watch our video to learn why this photo had such drastic consequences!

Dan Tillery is an American man who lives in Michigan, United States and one day he adopted a dog named Diggy from the pound. Diggy had been living there for quite some time, and Dan immediately fell in love with him Diggy when he first saw him.

He posted pictures of himself and his pet on social media but someone reported him to the police. Why? Well, Diggy is a pit bull - a breed which is illegal to possess in the state of Michigan. Pit bulls are considered to be dangerous dogs but when the police took Diggy away, Dan decided to do everything he could to get him back. 

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The conversation about whether or not pit bulls are inherently more dangerous than other dogs is a heated one from both sides. According to Time, while pit bulls only account for a meager 6% of the dog population, the breed is responsible for over two thirds of all dog attacks. The pro-pit bull side claims that no one breed of dog is more dangerous than others, however certain behaviour could stem from a dog's treatment by its owner.

Check the video and see the full story, and decide for yourself what side you stand on. 

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