This Poor Dog Decided To Cool Off In A Pond, Unfortunately It Was The Last Mistake It Ever Made

This should serve as a grave warning to all dog owners: This man had taken his dog for a walk in the park - but when his four-legged friend leapt into a pond to cool down, the consequences were fatal.

A normal walk turned into a nightmare for this dog owner. As so often, he had taken his pet out for a walk in the park - and his canine companion decided to jump into a pond to cool down from the heat.

However there was another animal in the water that did not appreciate the dog's presence. While the Cocker Spaniel swam playfully towards the swan, the latter was not in the mood for games.

Believing its young were in danger, the swan reared up and flapped its wings. According to an eyewitness, 'The poor dog did not know what was going on and swam directly to the swan.'

Still defending its offspring, the swan struck the bemused dog four times with its wings, causing the Cocker Spaniel to lose consciousness. Tragically, the dog drowned.

The dog's owner saw what was going on but was too late to intervene. In desperation, he threw his smartphone at the swan to distract it, but he was unfortunately too late.

Warnings for all dog-owners

The aggressive behaviour of swans when they see their young threatened must not be underestimated; they can also be dangerous to humans. A spokesman for Dublin City Council pointed out: 'Swans are wild birds - and although they only want to protect their young, this unfortunate incident happened.'

The Dublin City Park Guards have now put up signs that tell dog owners not to let their animals into the water. Unfortunately, this dog had to pay for the experience with his life. But even for the swan, this encounter has terrible consequences as the city has put the swan to sleep.

Take a look at the video above for more on this tragic story.

This Dog's Owners Made One Terrible Mistake And What Happened Next Was Tragic This Dog's Owners Made One Terrible Mistake And What Happened Next Was Tragic