Which Disney Princess Are You According To Your Star Sign?

Everyone loves Disney, especially us! Which Disney princess would you be according to your star sign? Would you be Elsa, Meg, Belle or Ariel? Find out here!

Aries: Jasmine. Courageous and dynamic, she follows her dreams. You’re all Aladdin’s muse.

Taurus: Cinderella. She is helpful yet persistent, and her loyalty makes her tough.

Gemini: Anna, from Frozen. Very chatty, she tries to stay connected to her sister. Just like Geminis, she is always looking for her soulmate.

Cancer: Belle. She is very family orientated and follows her emotions… you are all the heroine from Beauty and the Beast!

Leo: Meg. You use your charm to get what you want.

Virgo: Tiana. She has a dream that she never gives up on, opening her own restaurant. You really are the heroine from the Princess and the Frog.

Libra: Snow White. Without her loyal 7 dwarves, her beauty is lost! You also all have a need to be around people and express your creative side.

Scorpio: Tiger Lily. Fair, honest and lives through her emotions, did I hear someone say a trip to Neverland?

Sagittarius: Pocahontas. Free, strong and optimistic, all similar qualities of Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Elsa, from Frozen. You’re a leader who tries to stay in control, just like Elsa!

Aquarius: Rapunzel. Her hyperactive personality means she refuses to follow rules, and what you want more than anything is your freedom, just like her.

Pisces: Ariel. Just like the little mermaid, you are affectionate, sensitive and musical.

This Is Which Princess You Are According To Your Astrological Sign This Is Which Princess You Are According To Your Astrological Sign