Groom murders bride just four days after getting married

A newlywed bride was found dead just four days after getting marriage. The groom has been detained by the cops for allegedly murdering her.

52-year-old Dawn Walker and 45-year-old Thomas Nutt got married last Wednesday. The couple had been engaged for more than a year and recently tied the knot. However, the bride Dawn Walker was found dead and stuffed inside a suitcase next to a children’s playground on Sunday. It was only last week that the two photographed together at the registry office after their marriage.

Dawn wore a red dress with a matching fascinator, while Nutt was dressed in a grey suit with a red tie. After becoming engaged in January 2020, the pair had been planning their wedding for months. After a private ceremony attended by family and friends, they were photographed signing the register in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Trouble in paradise?

After finding the dead body of the bride, Nutt has been detained by the police based on suspicion. However, it is surprising for their friends and family to believe that something like this could happen. Apparently, the couple were very much in love and had been together for a while now. Their friends commented,

Dawn and Tommo were so in love. I can’t believe what has happened. It was a lovely wedding and Dawn looked beautiful.
They should have been looking forward to a long, happy life together. I just can't believe something like this has happened so soon after the marriage.

Nutt has three children from previous relationships while Dawn has two. The newlywed bride is believed to have been strangled to death. As such, a grief-stricken Lisa Walker, her sister, said:

My heart is truly broken.

Whereas her 30-year-old daughter Codie-Marie Shaw commented:

Never leave things until it's too late—I've learned the hard way.

Police report

The Halloween decorations were still up and hanging at their house when Nutt was being questioned by the police. Further, the forensics team is continuously looking for more clues and information at the couple’s house. As such, a West Yorkshire Police spokesperson revealed last night:

We can confirm the body of a woman has been found in Halifax. A 45-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in custody at this time.

Since the entire suspicion of the murder has directly gone to the husband, the police further said:

Police are not actively seeking any further suspects in connection with the death.
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