Star Hobson murder trial: Doctors believe mother and partner are responsible for child's death

Star Hobson murder trial continues to call witnesses in court to give their accounts. A leading doctor has come forth to discuss autopsy results with the jury.

Star Hobson Trial Day 14
Star Hobson Trial Day 14

Mother, Smith, 20 and her partner, Brockhill, 28, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, have been charged with causing or allowing the death and murder of daughter Star Hobson, 16 months.

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This is the narration of Day 14 of the Star Hobson murder trial, at the Bradford Town Court. The trial focused on Doctor’s verdict regarding the autopsy results of Star.

Doctor’s verdict

Forensic pathologist Dr Christopher Johnson walked the jury through his findings. He said that Star Hobson's fatal injuries were caused by a ‘physical assault by an adult,’ and there was ‘no way’ they happened by chance.

According to the leading medical specialist, the fatal injuries to Star Hobson were caused intentionally through repeated ‘punches, kicks or stamps.’

The autopsy revealed, catastrophic skull fracture, a broken and re-fractured shin, and broken and re-fractured ribs.

Dr Johnson said:

There was 300ml of liquid blood was in the abdominal cavity, almost half the total blood in Star’s body.
This accumulation of blood occurred due to a laceration of the inferior vena cava - the largest vein in the body - that takes blood from the lower extremities and abdominal organs back to the heart.

Blunt Trauma

Dr. Johnson further disclosed:

These injuries are consistent with blunt force trauma to the front of the abdomen.
The blow or blows were delivered with a severe degree of force which were wholly incompatible with the normal handling of a child or activities in daily living.

The injuries, according to the doctor, were typical to those seen in car accidents.

When asked by the jury, if the injuries could be caused by a child, the Doctor said, ‘no way, these were caused by an adult.’

This takes us back to the Day 1 of the trial, where Brockhill and Smith had blamed a 2-year-old for Star’s fatal injuries.

Dr. Johnson concludes by stating that an ‘incorrect CPR’ by Brockhil couldn’t have been the reason for such severe injuries, ‘even if it is given by an untrained person in the wrong area.’

The trial continues.

Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star