Schools could witness another shutdown in the fight against Omicron

Sajid Javid suggested this morning that if Omicron spirals out of control, schools may close again after Christmas.

As Omicron continues to spread like a wildfire, millions of parents are fretting about the closure of the schools yet again. Meaning, parents might yet again be pushed into a lurch of arranging expensive childcare if schools go back online. Health secretary Sajid Javid warned that it could be a possibility and Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary also refused to rule out the prospect of teachings being reintroduced online.

While PM Johnson said keeping kids in school is a priority, the tidal wave of Omicron might change everything. Javid confirmed today on LBC:

I'd say this... if you are asking me for guarantees, I will just say - as the Health Secretary, of course, I'm not the Education Secretary - as the Health Secretary, that there are when it comes to our fight against this pandemic, there are no guarantees.

No Promises

The government is trying everything in their control to not pull out kids from schools yet again, but it is too early to assume how would the spread of the virus pan out. While there are no deaths that have been reported yet, it could take a while before the UK reaches that phase. Considering the first case was registered two weeks ago, deaths and hospitalisations start three to four weeks after the first incident. As such, Javid warned that there could be a school closure and said:

Well, I don't want to see that or any of these kinds of measures. I'm just going to focus on everything else we need to be doing, especially the booster programme.

Further, Zahawi argued that they are doing the best that they can and said:

We are absolutely working to make sure that all schools are open, that they're protected. I will do everything in my power. We are still learning about this variant. We know that a booster works.
Get boosted, protect yourself, protect your community and let's get through this and transition this from pandemic to endemic.

Schools could shut

Zahawi expressed concern about an avalanche of cases that might affect millions in weeks, and that Omicron would become the dominant variant. On Friday, the first case of Omicron was discovered in an English primary school. Public health officials have advised all parents to have their children tested before returning to school.

The case was discovered at Manor Community Primary School, Swanscombe. Reportedly, all year five students, aged nine or ten, have been ordered to stay at home and get checked. If the new variation spreads, the year four class at the school has been aggressively encouraged to get tested.

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