Covid-19: Here’s why you should start wearing face masks again

Covid-19 cases have spiked by 29% in just one week and as such doctors warn the return of face masks is the need of the hour.

Professor Denis Kinane - a renowned immunologist and the founder scientist of Cignpost Diagnostics- face masks must be used again. He has urged people to practise social responsibility if they don’t want any Covid-19 restrictions to come.

The return of face masks

The UK has seen an increase in the rates of Covid-19 infection as multiple variants co-exist simultaneously. The Mirror reports that in the week leading up to July 6 and 7, an estimated 3.4 million people in private homes were infected with the virus.

Amidst this, Professor Denis Kinane has insisted that face masks must return and urged people to practise social responsibility. Professor Kinane said:

The virus will continue to evolve and develop structural changes that make it invisible to our immune system, whether we have gained immunity through vaccination or natural previous Covid infections.
We have no indications yet that a step change in disease severity is on the way, but we do know that vaccine immunity begins to wane at three months and in most cases is markedly reduced or non-existent at five months.
Even though immunity wanes, it can come back quickly after the person contracts the virus again.

Another lockdown again?

With the way things have been going concerning Covid-19 again, it has become essential to take precautions. The rate of increase of Covid-19 infections is common in most age groups and so Prof Kinane advised:

No one wants to return to full lockdowns, so taking reasonable precautions and being socially responsible is vital.
This includes using face masks, especially in enclosed and crowded spaces, and where people mix and vocally interact.

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