My Friend Gave Me This Tip And Now My Clothes Last Way Longer Than Before

Most of us think that washing our clothes is simple, we just load the washer and hit the start button right? Not so much! There are 5 common mistakes that we all make when we wash our clothes. Watch the video for details.

The Most Common Mistakes When Washing Clothes

1. Zip your zippers: If you zip the trousers, jackets, skirts, etc. you will prevent your clothes from deforming.

2. Turning your clothes inside out: If you turn your clothes inside out then they will last longer and the colour will fade less.

3. Delicate clothing: You should wash delicate clothing in a bag to protect it from possible entanglement and wear.

4. Excess detergent: If you add too much detergent to your washer then your clothes will not be cleaner or smell better. Instead, you will only get stained clothes as this will make it difficult to rinse.

5. Overloading the machine: Leave some space! If you don't do this the water and detergent will not flow properly and the clothes will remain dirty.

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