Rebel Wilson's incredible weight loss is all thanks to this diet

Rebel Wilson is on a mission to lose some serious weight before the end of the year. Though she has yet to reach her goal, the actress is looking and feeling healthier than ever and its all thanks to this surprising weight loss method.

Earlier this year, Rebel Wilson declared 2020 to be her 'year of health' with a vow to get down to 11.7 stone. And to do so, the actress implemented a strict workout routine with help from celebrity fitness trainer Jono Castano. But that wasn't the only change towards a healthier lifestyle, Wilson also started a new diet known as the Mayr Method.

Rebel started using this specific weight loss method after visiting a medical detox and wellness centre in Austria called VivaMayr. Her visit to this rehabilitation centre was preceded by years of unhealthy lifestyle habits:

I think I was emotional eating, and overeating at times, because I wasn't loving myself enough either. And it does come down to that self-worth and self-love.

The diet was created by Austrian physician, Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr almost a century ago and consists in consuming whole foods with high alkaline content, like vegetables, fresh fish, and sheep's milk yogurt. The focus is also on eliminating sporadic snacking, gluten and dairy as much as possible while prioritizing lean proteins.

A mindful digestion

The method also encourages mindful eating techniques such as chewing food slowly and eating without distractions. Dr. Mayr was convinced that most people were intaking the wrong types of foods and consequently poisoning their digestive systems.

Ultimately, this dietary approach seeks to eliminate food intolerances, reduce sugar while encouraging to eat whole foods slowly, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

What have been the results for Wilson?

The actress went from consuming over 3000 calories per day at her heaviest but since the beginning of the year, Wilson reports having lost almost 3 stone. Still, she claims to have yet to reach her goal but has no eventual plans of stopping until she reaches them.

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