Lillie Haynes: Love Island star left unable to open mouth after plastic surgery

Love Island's Lillie Haynes has revealed on social media the gruesome aftermath of her rhinoplasty, claiming she's been left feeling 'horrendously sick.'

While the blonde bombshell has been flourishing on social media looking hotter than ever post S7 of Love Island, she revealed to her fans that she still struggled with one major insecurity: her nose.

'This is hands down my biggest insecurity'

As a result, she underwent a rhinoplasty to address the issue and has since been documenting the entire journey on her Instagram account. The social media influencer explained that her decision to get the surgery was essential for her to be able to feel her best in her skin. She explained:

This is hands down my biggest insecurity and has been for so LONG. When I had my first phone call with my mam after Love Island one of my first questions was 'what's the comments on my nose.'

And added:

Living like this isn't healthy for me and although it doesn't fully stop me going out and living life, I do think once I'm happy with myself on the outer shell the real true happy lillie can finally live freely.

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Post surgery updates

Since the surgery, Haynes has taken to social media to update her followers on her recovery. Right after the cosmetic procedure, she admitted feeling 'horrendously sick' and unable to open her mouth.

In her most recent update, she has reassured her fans by saying that she is feeling much better with bruising and swelling 'coming along fab.' She also said that she was able to see her new nose and feeling delighted about it. She explained:

I've saw my new nose straight after surgery and [in love emoji]. I would go through it all again and again for the same results! @pallmallcosmetics I'm the happiest little patient in the world over here.
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