ITV commissioner opens up about Love Island 2021 line up

Amanda Stavri teases the Love Island 2021 line up and responds to rumours about gay Islanders.

Love Island Contestants
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Love Island Contestants

With less than a month to go now until the start ofLove Island 2021, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri has shared some tantalising details about this year’s line-up. In an interview with Radio Times, she responded to some of the rumours that have been circulating about this year’s Islanders.

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Love Island 2021 bombshells

She said:

There’s been more applications than ever. They’ve whittled it down and we’re all very pleased. We’ve got a big sort of pool at the moment and we need to sort of work out who to put in the opening line-up and who sort of to hold back, you know as a bombshell – we need the bombshells!

Love Island 2021 gay Islanders

However, it looks like reports that this year’s series could feature gay Islanders may have been exaggerated. Although Amanda insisted ‘it goes without saying that we want to encourage greater inclusivity and diversity’, she raised concerns about the logistics of having a mixture of straight and gay couples on the show. She said:

In terms of gay Islanders, I think the main challenge is regarding the format of Love Island. There’s a sort of logistical difficulty, because although Islanders don’t have to be 100 per cent straight, the format must sort of give Islanders an equal choice when coupling up.

She continued:

With our dating shows, such as The Cabins, there is much more sexual diversity. The formats don’t have as much restrictions as Love Island. So we’re very sort of mindful of that across our programming on ITV and dating series. But that’s the difficulty with Love Island.
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