Kate Middleton was a millionaire before William thanks to this unmentioned inheritance

Kate Middleton's net worth is massive. And her family, specifically her great-grandfather, would have quite a bit to do with it.

As the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton has nothing to worry about regarding her future. But her position in the British monarchy is not her only recourse in the event of financial downfall because, according to the American magazine Time—quoted by the British tabloid The Mirror on Monday March 1—the Duchess of Cambridge is heiress to a large amount of money. A first for a member of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan. Her paternal great-grandfather, Richard Noel Middleton, set up a trust estimated at 'seven figures' for his descendants. A fund created from the fortune generated by his legal profession.

Mind-boggling inheritances

But that's not all because, for their part, Carole and Michael Middleton have also generated impressive revenues with their party supplies business, Party Pieces. A company for which Kate Middleton briefly worked before saying 'I do' for life to Prince William, allowing her to grow her own stash, now valued at £5.3 million. Her husband, meanwhile, also inherited a dizzying sum following the death of his mother, Lady Diana.

From demure commoner to involved future Queen

No one would have suspected that Kate Middleton was so fortunate. On February 24, 2011, ten years ago, she made her first appearance front and centre on the arm of Prince William. The first steps of the commoner as a working royal. And to make a place for herself, she redoubled her efforts to overcome her shyness, which had been somewhat deplored by Her Majesty Elizabeth II. But where Meghan Markle chose to just give up and run away to California, the Duchess of Cambridge persevered, then gained confidence. So much so that her difficult beginnings are now only a distant memory for her and for the 94-year-old monarch.

Kate has her own hotline to speak to the Queen and she calls her to check on her and update her on the children. She always relies on her for advice.

Words that this good student of the monarchy takes careful note of.

Kate Middleton is taking on more and more responsibilities in the royal family Kate Middleton is taking on more and more responsibilities in the royal family