Kate and William's neighbour reveals their Saturday nights—turns out they're an ordinary family!

They may respect the protocols of the British monarchy, but Kate Middleton and William are still a couple and a family like any other.

Kate and William
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Kate and William

Kate Middleton and Prince William, just an ordinary couple?

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This is what Jean-Pierre Jouyet, a former French minister and ex-president François Hollande's right-hand man at the Elysée Palace, who was ambassador to London from 2017 to 2019, says. Speaking to Le Parisian on March 9th, he explained that he was the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge’s neighbour in London, and made some revelations about their ‘normal’ daily life. Kate Middleton and William ‘respect monarchical precepts while leading their own lives,’ says Jean-Pierre Jouyet.

Saturday evenings with the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge

He then talked about the couple's Saturday evenings.

We saw this young couple receiving friends and having fun on Saturday nights, playing music, etc.

The life of this couple in their thirties, who are also young parents, was very ordinary, in a way. As for Kate and William's circle of friends, the Duchess of Cambridge built up a reliable group of friends at school and then at university, but also thanks to William, who are still loyal to her years later, like Laura and James Meade.

A normal family

A normal married life, but also a normal family life. Prince William was of course brought up with the idea that he would one day ascend the throne, but his mother, Diana, made every effort to protect him and his brother Harry and give them the same fulfilment as any other child of their age. And this 'normal' family life is very important to William.

And while Kate Middleton and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle may not be the best of friends, they both share a commitment to giving their children a normal childhood. At Kensington, the couple shares the work. William is ‘very involved in his three children's education’ and is happy to take them to and from school, as well as helping them with their homework, Finding Freedom revealed. Both the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge are keen to instil their own values in George, Charlotte, and Louis.

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