Here is why we might not be seeing more of Prince George

The seven-year old royal was the subject of online vitriols after he wore a suit and tie to the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

The royal family may decide to keep Prince George out of the limelight after he became the victim of online abuse.

According to the co-author of the book, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, and royal affairs expert, Robert Jobson, the young royal could be shielded from the spotlight after football fans mocked him for wearing a suit and tie to the stadium for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

Speaking on Australian Sunrise TV, Mr Jobson said:

With George, he got quite a lot of social media attention. Some were critical about him wearing a shirt and tie like his dad which I thought was very harsh.He has been very popular but I think they are going to try and keep him out of the limelight a little bit. They are very conscious of that.

Social media was awashed with pictures of the seven-year-old prince looking dapper in his suit and tie as he watched the match with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Some fans however questioned why the boy who had been referred to as a ‘lucky mascot’, wasn’t made to wear an England jersey instead.

One twitter user wrote:

How does Prince George already look like a 45-year-old hedge fund manager?

While another wondered:

Why is Prince George at the game in a suit and tie? He’s 7 let him wear shorts and an England shirt.

But, some royal family loyalists came to the defence of the little prince, suggesting that letting Prince George wear a Three Lions shirt would have gone against royal protocol. One tweeted this explanation:

It's just because of the National Anthem. Kate has released photos of him in his England shirt before but when the Anthem is going to be played officially in public, he has to be in a tie (or uniform if military in later life). Downside to the role I guess.

So do not be surprised if last Sunday’s pictures are the last we see of the young prince in a long time to come.

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