Greg O'Shea reveals grim Love Island secret

Love Island 2019 winner Greg O’Shea has spoken out about a creepy detail of Love Island filming.

We always knew Love Islanders didn’t get much privacy whilst living in the villa, but it seems they really don’t get any alone time at all. Love Island 2019 winner Greg O’Shea revealed this week that there really are cameras in every room of the villa - and it might make you think again if you were hoping to apply for Love Island 2021...

Love Island bathroom cameras

When a fan asked him to share something fans didn’t know about Love Island during a recent Instagram Q&A, Greg revealed:

There’s cameras in the toilet. You are being watched while… you know…(poop emoji).

Fans were disgusted by the revelation, calling it ‘disturbing.’ Greg isn’t the first former Islander to speak out about the bathroom cameras on Love Island. Back in 2019, Marcel Somerville revealed:

This is some intel for all of you people. In Love Island, there are private toilets, but the toilets still have cameras in them. They just have to be vigilant to make sure there’s nothing illegal going on in the villa.

Where is Greg O’Shea now?

Since winning Love Island, Greg has kept a bit of a lower profile than many of his fellow former Islanders. He still has a healthy one million Instagram followers though and dabbles in ads and sponsored posts as well as hosting the VodafoneXCast podcast for Vodafone Ireland.

A man of many talents, rugby union player Greg has also been continuing his law studies over lockdown and recently celebrated being awarded a Fellowship by the University of Limerick Law Society. He told fans:

I’ve always felt the need to keep up my education because nothing else I do is secure or guaranteed, which is scary but very exciting too.
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