Gemma Collins: Reality TV star reveals secret behind her transformation

Star of The Only Way Is Essex, Gemma Collins, reveals her secret to fresh and youthful looking skin—and no, it's not plastic surgery!

The 41-year-old reality TV star took to social media to thank her followers after many commented on how radiant and youthful her skin has been looking lately.

Ditching botox and fillers for collagen

When she was directly asked what she does to look so youthful, Collins revealed that she takes collagen after having ditched fillers and botox which she had relied on for many years. She admitted that she was overcome by an epiphany last year after realising she had completely distorted the way she naturally looked due to the several cosmetic procedures she had had. Opening up to her fans, she said:

When I turned 40 I took a look in the mirror and thought, ‘I’m getting all this dissolved. Because I don’t want to look like anyone else. I want to look like me again. I don’t want big plumped up lips. I want to look feminine.'

The outspoken celebrity stressed the importance of sticking with a routine that works for your skin as consistency is the key to positive long-term effects of skincare routines. She explained:

You know what it’s like, we all start these skincare routines and then you forget about it, you start going out, you don’t take your make-up off. I really wanted to drill down on my skincare this year and literally the effects are incredible. You won’t be disappointed.

Before adding:

I wouldn’t sell you something that I didn’t believe in—and literally these are the results.

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Weight loss journey

But her skin isn't the only thing that the star has been getting lots of attention for. Collins has also been praised for her healthy approach to weight loss after having lost 3.5 stone over the last year.

After turning 40 years old she was told by doctors that her weight would get in the way of being able to become pregnant which is something she has wanted for a long time. As a result, she went on a fitness journey that has involved dieting, exercising and even cryotherapy. Now, she is looking better than ever even though she acknowledges still having a long way to go. In an interview, she said:

I'm not saying I'll get to a size 10 but I do need to lose weight. For my health I wouldn't want to be bigger than I am now.

And added:

I refuse to have a gastric band as easy as it would be. I have overcome so many things in my life and I will overcome my weight - but I need time and focus to do it.
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