Bikini-clad Ashley Graham unapologetically flaunts her post-pregnancy stretch marks

In an effort to normalize them, Ashley Graham posed in a bikini, revealing her own post-pregnancy stretch marks.

Body positivity icon Ashley Graham won't stop spreading messages of self-acceptance to her Instagram community. A "plus-size" model, she has always been an advocate for women of all shapes and sizes.

Since she became a mother at the beginning of 2020, she has been sharing snippets of what being a mother is really like. Breastfeeding, cracking nipples, bleeding, using a breast pump...the young woman shows it all, without the slightest amount of shame. Another thing she discusses that's a part of many mothers' reality: stretch marks.

A model who loves herself, flaws and all

Proud of her life-giving body, Ashley Graham has continued to pose for the camera. She recently posted a picture of herself rocking a bikini. Shot from below, this photo emphasizes the stretch marks on her abdomen.

Many of the model's followers appreciated her approach, which they did not hesitate to congratulate her for in the comments:

Thank you for normalizing stretch marks. We love you!
Thank you for being REAL! You are beautiful. All those celebs who seemingly "bounce back" and look like they've never given birth to a child are so unrealistic.

Stretch marks, signs of life

Whether you got them as a teenager, following weight changes, or during pregnancy, stretch marks are signs of life. They've been frowned upon for far too long, but are gradually being normalized. How come? Well, simply put, because most women have them, regardless of their shape or the size of their waist. And rather than wasting your time trying to hide them, you're better off just embracing them.

Whether you want to claim them or are just done hiding them under your clothes, these scars should no longer be a source of insecurity. If you're still kind of embarrassed by them, allow yourself to be inspired by women like Ashley Graham who flaunt them.

Ashley Graham celebrates women's curves by posting a naked selfie Ashley Graham celebrates women's curves by posting a naked selfie