This Is Why Some People Can See This Tendon In Their Arm And Others Can’t

Some people have a tendon that appears at their wrist. For others, this is not the case. Here’s the explanation of this bizarre phenomenon.

When we see certain parts of our bodies, we wonder what purpose they serve. Often, they are just the result of what has been left by our animal ancestors. For example, the tendon at our wrist has no purpose. Moreover, there are some people who don’t even have it. You have to clench your fist and tense your arm to work out if you have it or not. 10 to 15% of people don’t have this tendon.

In fact, this tendon is linked to a big muscle in the palm, which the majority of men have but which exists for no particular reason. According to scientific research, the presence of this muscle gives us no more strength than another. It is so redundant that surgeons have been known to take it out to use it elsewhere in the body for corrective surgery. So where does this muscle come from? It actually comes from the common ancestor of men and monkeys. It was developed in species who needed to climb trees…

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