Sagging boobs: Have you heard of the pencil test?

Have you been thinking about a breast augmentation after noticing a lack of firmness in that area? Hold off until you read about the pencil test!

We have often found ourselves behind a screen, googling ‘are my boobs sagging’; ‘remedies for sagging breasts’; ‘how to prevent sagging boobs’; ‘what is the cheapest way to get a boob job’ and so on.

With the increased pressure from society to look good and continue to combat the stigma of sagging breasts, we tend to apply serums or fix it by mastopexy or what is known as a ‘boob-lift.’ The stigma that old is not gold for our bodies has been haunting us for quite some time now. But you know what? If you do feel the need to really assess the erection of your breasts, the ‘pencil test’ is the way to go.

The pencil test

Sagging often happens over age, yes. But are there other reasons why it occurs earlier than usual?

You do not need to be concerned aboutbreastfeeding, wearing a bra, or not wearing a bra. The primary factors include normal ageing, pregnancy, smoking, and hormones. There are a variety of strategies to boost breast firmness in your own lives.

Young girls have used the 'pencil test' to assess if their breasts had grown large enough to require the support of a bra. Ironically, older women who want to know if their breasts have sagged sufficiently to warrant a breast augmentation also turn to the pencil test to get an answer.

How to do it?

  1. Place a pencil horizontally in the crease at the base of your breast.
  2. You won't require a breast lift if the pencil falls.
  3. Note the location of your nipple in respect to the pencil if the pencil is kept in place by your breast.
  4. If your nipple is at the same level as a pencil you may not need a lift with your augmentation.
  5. If the nipple is above the pencil, the drooping is due to volume loss, and an augmentation may be all that is required.
  6. If the nipple is at the lowest point of the breast, your breasts may require a breast augmentation with lift.

Boob exercises

If the drooping of the breasts really bother you, and you want to avoid taking the test altogether, you can practice these easy exercises to keep it firm and healthy. However, the fibrous connective tissues and muscles beneath the breasts can be trained to improve the overall look of your chest.

  1. Push-ups: One of the most effective bodyweight workouts is the push-up. It works your chest muscles, as well as your triceps and deltoids.
  2. Swimming: It will make your pecs seem more defined merely by burning extra fat, in addition to growing muscles.
  3. Bench Press: It increases muscular strength while also increasing hypertrophy (muscle development).
  4. Arm Curls: This exercise also targets the pectoralis muscles to shape it, which in turn helps with shaping the breasts.
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