These Instagram Influencers Are Revealing The Truth Behind Their 'Perfect' Bodies

12 Instagram fitness influencers decided to take pictures where they don't pose the way they usually do or use their usual filters. Unapologetic, they decided to reveal their real bodies, which might help those of us who have a bit more trouble embracing ourselves feel better about our bodies...

Although Instagram feeds are currently full of snapshots of women with perfect figures, smooth skin and "flawless" bodies, 12 fit girls decided to take pictures of themselves from all angles.

The goal is to show that the image they often project on their Instagram accounts is the result of how they pose for their shots.

Obviously, if you curve your back, suck in your stomach and take your picture from a more flattering angle, your photo will be very different from a more candid picture you took without making much of an effort.

In these natural photos, we discover these young women's curves, some fat rolls, cellulite and stretch marks. A body positive movement that promotes self-acceptance and reinforces the willingness to reveal one's real body. How do you feel about this?

Take a look at the video above to see the results of their campaign!

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