Mums Appreciate Chrissy Teigen’s Stretch Mark Photos Two Months After Giving Birth

Just two months after giving birth, Chrissy Teigen is still a long way from her ‘model body’, but she really doesn’t care. Her notably natural social media posts are an encouraging celebration of body positivity.

The beautiful Chrissy Teigen is clearly enjoying her summer holiday in Bali along with husband John Legend, their two-year-old daughter, Luna, and two-month-old son, Miles. Having given birth just two months ago, her ‘dream body’ that was responsible for her modelling success is obviously not quite what it was before.

Positive representation for Mums everywhere

She may be have acquired a few stretch marks and a little extra weight, but she’s certainly not hiding anything. In a video posted on Twitter, she doesn’t hesitate to show exactly what a post-pregnancy body looks like.

Adding the caption 'mom bod alert!', she sent a clear message to mums everywhere: no one should be ashamed of their body. She even posted a topless selfie with one arm covering her chest. She’s celebrating her body and we think she has every reason to!

These celebs aren't afraid to show their stretch marks These celebs aren't afraid to show their stretch marks