Your Forehead Wrinkles Can Tell a Lot About Your Health

The creases that appear on your forehead reveal more about you than you might think! Apparently, the state of your health is literally written on your face. Experts have recently revealed why you should keep an eye on your forehead wrinkles.

Nobody likes them, but everyone ends up getting wrinkles on their forehead that testify to their advancing age. If you are open to the idea, you could always get botox to get rid of these uncomely features, however, there is another part of your body that proves your age,even when botox is used.

But experts are now warning against smoothing over the wrinkles on our faces for a very specific reason. It turns out that our wrinkles say quite a lot about our health and can even help an expert identify something quite important!

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Deep forehead wrinkles reveal a lot

French researcher Dr. Yolande Esquirol presented her astounding results at the 2018 Cardiologist Congress in Munich. It turns out there is a connection between our forehead wrinkles and cardiovascular diseases.

People with deep furrows in their brows often have heart problems as well. This scientist made this connection after conducting a study involving 233 participants over a period of 20 years.

The condition of your heart is written on your forehead

The connection between cardiovascular diseases and forehead wrinkles has not yet been fully clarified, but the long-term study carried out by the French researcher is the first indication that will allow us to see forehead wrinkles from a completely new and particularly significant perspective.

The fact that many patients with cardiovascular diseases also have deep forehead wrinkles could be due to the fact that the blood vessels in our foreheads may be the first to indicate that something is wrong with them. An early indicator, so to speak!

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