TikTok: What is this new trend that uses lube as a primer?

Another TikTok beauty fad has emerged, this time involving the use of lubricant as a primer.

Yes, that’s right, individuals are using lubrication to prep their skin before makeup.

While some users are quite apprehensive, beauty guru Sean Anthony stated before trying it and said, 'I'm afraid,’ while others are considerably more enthused, praising the 'dewy and glowy' appearance.

Hop on the trend


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Check out this new trend use lube as primer and nose blush

With producers like Luke Ketuhok and Sean Anthony both utilizing and reacting to Durex lube in favour of a more conventional cosmetics primer. The hashtag #lubeprimer on the online platform has garnered over 7.1 million views.

So all it asks you to do is squeeze a little lube onto a washed face. Let it dry on the face and then apply makeup for a smooth finish. What the lube does is it hardens up, making it tacky and grippy, and providing a great base for makeup.

Is it safe?

While nothing says lube is harmful for your face, it also has castor oil in it, which has recently become famous for mixing with a primer for an effortless makeup application. But people have some concerns.

StacyChimento, MD, explained to Teen Vogue:

Recently castor oil has been a popular addition to use with primers as it smoothes out the skin and pores. It can act as a humectant, which helps to draw water into the skin to provide moisturization.
However, there are a lot of concerns from a dermatological perspective. Its thick nature can lead to clogged pores which would not be ideal for acne-prone patients. In addition, the layer of castor oil on the skin can be an attractant for bacteria and dirt. In very sensitive patients that have conditions such as atopic dermatitis or who are prone to contact allergies, castor oil may not be the best product to use.

But Durex’s original play lube is completely water-based, meaning it doesn’t even contain castor oil. So why not give this new trend a go?

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