These Fall 2021 Makeup Trends Just Can’t Wait Till Next Season

Autumn is almost here, and these upcoming makeup trends will have you ahead of the curve.

Summer has brought with it a menage of barely-there foundations, charming touches of blush and some of the most intense eye trends we’ve seen in decades. It’s no surprise that we’ve been getting more inventive with our makeup. A year of off and on lockdowns coupled with hundreds of hours logged on TikTok has left us all feeling a little inspired. And, this autumn is set to be no different, with runways giving us all a sneak preview of precisely what’s in store for next month.

In case, like us, you couldn’t possibly wait until labour day to enjoy autumn’s makeup looks, we’ve rounded up a selection of next season's finest statements:

1. Soap Brows

Soap brows aren’t new but come autumn, and this look will once again be everywhere. Whether you achieve the soap brow effect through brow gels, laminate or even classic soap, it’s a great way to give your brows some fluffiness and volume and still keep that natural look.

2. Colourful statement liner

It’s time to ditch that basic black liner and experiment with reds, greens, yellows and even electric blues. This simple to achieve eye look can elevate your classic liner by adding a bit of vibrancy. Anyone who tries this trend no doubt gives off an heir of confidence and experimentation.

3. Reverse cat eyeliner

We’re going to see a whole lot of daring eye trends this season and for the whole of 2021. Which is no surprise considering face masks left our eyes as the only visible facial feature. Thanks to TikTok and Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 runways, autumn will be full of the classic cat eye but flipped upside down. Otherwise known as underliner or reverse cat eye, this look focuses on the bottom lash line to create a smouldering statement eye.

4. Kitten liner

If colourful eyeliner or big, bold reverse cat eyes are too much for your everyday style, try kitten liner. As opposed to a cat-eye, this liner is much more subdued. All you need to do is use a brown/neutral-toned pencil or even eyeshadow and create a small, blended wing.

5. Electric and pastel eyes

Neons and pastels are typically summer and spring colours. But this year knows no borders, and bright, bold eyeshadow looks will be with us all year long. If your autumn wardrobe typically consists of more neutral colours and homely patterns, a swipe of bold eye colour is a great way to bring your looks to life.

6. Abstract eyes

Sixties mod-style eye looks are back on trend thanks to Pat Magrath’s iconic makeup for Anna Sui’s fall 2021 show. Abstract eyes are again all about unexpected colour but combined with abstract designs that carefully consider positive and negative space. Abstract eyes may look like an intimidating trend, but armed with some pigmented eye shadows and some fine detail brushes and you can’t lose.

7. Vampy lips

This easy to achieveplum lip lookfocuses on the contrast between dark tones and bare skin. Best paired with a minimal makeup look, vampy lips are perfect for those days when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready but still want to look chic.

8. Red lipstick

Seriously, is red lipstick ever not in fashion? Whether you prefer a bright peachy red or a deeper burgundy shade, red lipstick is perfect for the warm hues of autumn. Apply your red lipstick directly for an opaque look, or opt for a lighter gloss for a more subtle finish.

9. Nude lips

Not every occasion calls for a bold look, which is where the nude lip comes in handy. Pair your kitten liner with some skin tones and neutral lip shades for the ideal thrown together look.

10. Ultra dewy skin

Last year (and most of this year) has been all about skincare, so of course, we want to show off our bare, pampered skin. You can always go out with a touch of moisturiser and SPF, or you could even take it further with a minimal foundation and some dew drops! Our favourite is the Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops by Glow Recipe.

11. Peachy blush

It wouldn’t be a 2021 makeup trend without a bit of blush. This autumn, we’re inspired by the warm pinks and peaches of autumn that will give your cheeks the perfect wind-kissed look.

Dark, Vampy Makeup Is This Season's Biggest Beauty Trend Dark, Vampy Makeup Is This Season's Biggest Beauty Trend