Natural Ingredients To Lighten Your Hair

Summer is still a long way off but are you dreaming of beachy blonde locks without having to pay for an expensive balayage? It's totally possible! With these ten natural ingredients, you'll get a soft, light blonde without breaking the bank. Take a look at our photo gallery to learn more! 

How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally 

1. Chamomile: Apply chamomile infusion to your hair after shampooing. If your hair is fragile you can simply add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to your usual conditioner.

2. Lemon: Spray dry hair with warm lemon water (3 lemons per 1/4 litre of water). Leave it for two hours then rinse and repeat. Apply a nourishing mask if desired.  

3. Olive oil: Add a few drops of olive oil to your hair mask. Leave on for a few hours before rinsing. This should help lighten your locks.

4. Monoi oil: If you are lucky enough to live in the sun, before going outside, apply monoi oil and spread through the lengths of your hair with your fingers. In the evening, apply a nourishing mask to your hair.

5. Cinnamon: Cinnamon contains natural peroxide. Mix it with your usual hair mask and leave on your lengths for a few hours before rinsing. 

6. Rhubarb powder: Mix rhubarb powder with your usual hair mask and leave for a few hours after shampooing for optimal efficiency. 

7. Honey: In addition to being moisturising, honey contains natural peroxide. Frequently used and mixed with water, it gently brightens your hair. Ideally, go for Manuka honey or eucalyptus honey.

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8. Sunlight: You guessed it, the most effective natural ingredient for beach blonde locks is the sun. However, be sure to use a hydrating treatment on your hair at night to avoid weakening your hair.  

9. Beer and honey: Even though these ingredients are natural, using them can weaken your hair. To keep your hair healthy, take a tip from Catherine Zeta-Jones and try shampoo with beer and honey, the secret of shiny and soft hair. 

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