How to stop your makeup from melting off this Summer

Summer is bringing the heat - and the curse of melting foundation. Luckily, we have some tricks that will help your paint last all-day sweat or shine.

We don’t often talk enough about the ugly side of summer. Yes, we may be tan, but we are undoubtedly sweaty, uncomfortable, and the makeup we put on in the morning is halfway down our chests come midday.

If you’re tired of spending the day patting at your sweaty upper lip area (or SULA for those of you watching Love Island), then look no further, as we have some foolproof tips to stop your makeup from melting off this summer.

Go for a lighter look

When it’s blistering out, wearing layers upon layers of eyeshadows and contour won’t make your skin feel any fresher. Instead, try opting for a minimal makeup look. It’ll be easier to reapply if needed, and it won’t feel like it weighs you down all day long.

Use setting spray before primer

This old-school makeup trick has recently found new fame on TikTok, and for a good reason.

Essentially, this trick creates a barrier between the makeup and the skin’s oils and gives your base something to cling to - which can really help during the sweaty season. All you need to do is apply setting spray between the primer and foundation stages of your routine.

Try spot concealing instead of full coverage

The best way to ensure your foundation won’t slide off in the heat is to use less in the first place. After all, no foundation at all is a better look than a cakey or dripping foundation. Instead, try sticking to a tinted BB cream/SPF, or even just use some concealer for spot coverage

Blot - don’t powder

Powder, heat and sweat are the perfect trio for clumpy makeup. If you’re feeling a little oily or damp, try blotting paper as an alternative to powder. This will soak up any unwanted moisture without disrupting your paint.

Opt for waterproof products

One of the best and most simple tricks to helping your makeup survive sweat is using waterproof products. Nobody likes to look in the mirror only to realise they’ve probably had panda eyes for hours. But, waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and bases will have a better chance of withstanding any perspiration and moisture.

Alternatively, if you feel like getting a little experimental, you could even try out a tubing mascara. This type of mascara coats the lashes in water-resistant, tube-like polymers that won’t smudge but are super easy to clean off, making them the most versatile choice.

Don’t forget to prime!

Too many of us treat primer as an optional step in our makeup routines. But really, if you want your makeup to go on smooth and lasts all day, then a good primer will help you get there. Over the day, your eyelids and T-zone may get a little oily - even more so in the summer. Using a primer will help create a layer for your makeup to lock on to, so it won’t slide about or become patchy. Bonus points if you remember to layer on some setting spray afterwards!

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