This Is The Type Of Flirt He Is According To His Star Sign

Smooth talker? Awkward? What kind of flirt are you? Are you popular with the opposite sex? Whether you're the type to take the first step or observe your target from a distance, your astrological sign can determine what kind of flirt you are. Discover all the details in the video!

This Is The Type Of Flirt He Is According To His Star Sign
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The stars have made some signs of the Zodiac into real Don Juans. Of course, the most sensual sign of the Zodiac is concerned, seduction being its speciality. And many other signs are not to be outdone! Be careful though, some of them are really not very good at it, they won't have the reputation of being popular with the opposite sex…

Beautiful words, lots of attention, a sensual approach… These can all be effective! Unfortunately for some, the art of seduction is not so easily accessible. You've probably already tried an approach with someone, but you've only caused some discomfort... Fortunately, you might have tough skin!

Beware for those who don't excel in the field, you could be seen as a loser rather than a charmer... Be warned and try to improve! On the other hand, if you are a seduction pro, you are surely very envied. Once you have your sights set on someone, you can make anyone fall for you without any effort.

So what kind of pick-up artist are you? Find all the details in the video!