This Is The One Word That Defines Your Personality - According To Your Star Sign

Impulsiveness, joy, anxiety... have you ever wondered which emotion moves you the most? Well, the answer is in your astrological sign! Watch our video right now and find out which feeling moves you according to your sign of the zodiac.

The stars have a lot of influence on the personality and character traits of each astrological sign. Do you think that your friend is particularly funny? They are without a doubt a Gemini! Are you attracted to a charismatic and naturally attractive person? That would be a Leo. What makes you undeniably you according to your astrological sign?

During job interviews, more and more recruiters are asking candidates to give them a word that summarizes their personality. A tricky question that can be dealt with by knowing your main feature. Danger, success, peace... there are so many words that perfectly describe some of us! Ready to recognize yourself?

A love of discovering new horizons, Sagittarius is the perfect adventurer. Anti-conformist Aquarius likes to be noticed through their style but also their behavior; eccentricity is the word! The creativity of Pisces makes them particularly dreamy and romantic. If you hear the word "emotion" what sign do you think of? Aries of course! Not acting out of reason, they barge in head-first and are easily carried away by their strong emotions.

Which word characterises you? Find out in the video above...

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