These are the 5 most controlling zodiac signs

Remember Monica from Friends? It may not be just her but could also be her stars that made her the control freak that she was. Take a deeper look to know if you’re controlling.

Have you ever come across someone who just wants EVERYTHING as per their wishes? Most of us have and while we may dislike a person for wanting to control everything, it may sometimes be well beyond their limits to not be so controlling. Here are the top 5 most controlling zodiac signs as per YourTango!


Following structure and discipline in everything that they do, Capricorns often come off as controlling. This usually happens because of the amount of responsibility they take on them and feel like they have to live with it. It is not in their nature to stray from the path or act rashly. To avoid anarchy, they endeavour to keep events under control.

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Aries are head-strong and go after the things that they want. Once they set their mind on something, there’s no pulling them backwards. As such, they do everything in their control to get what they want, even if it means controlling other people and their actions.


Taurus does not mean to be controlling, but their tenacity might be a touch too much for some. They are adamant about their opinions and ideas, and they will not budge. They have a tendency to be closed-minded, which makes them domineering because they only view things one way.


Coming from the mentality of ‘my way or the highway,’ Leos might be the most controlling of all zodiac signs. Leo is always eager to talk about their new possessions, and they manage to make it endearing to be a show-off. They frequently correct you in everything, including little facts.

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Scorpios enjoy being in charge and despise being governed by others. They are generally connected with dramatic transformations and power dynamics. Because they are possessive about people they love, they will play the bodyguard for them, often coming across as controlling.

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