These 5 zodiac signs are the most sarcastic

For some, sarcasm is a way of life, while for others, it’s difficult to identify sarcasm when it’s used. Here are the five most sarcastic zodiac signs.

No one likes a dull life and a pinch of quick-witted, funny remarks are everything a person needs in their life. Some people use sarcasm as their native language and others struggle to comprehend half of what these natives have to say. And while everyone loves a sarcastic person, they love to have a love-hate relationship with people around them (there’s only so much sarcasm a human can take). Here are the five most sarcastic zodiac signs:


Capricorn can be hands down the most impolite sarcastic zodiac sign. They have little patience with people and when they see someone doing or saying something irrelevant, a Capricorn would use sarcasm to point out the error in their ways. Most of what they say is sarcastic and it specifically gets highlighted when they are angry or disagree with someone. Disclaimer: They may appear to be a little mean at times.

The 5 zodiac signs are fluent in sarcasm Bridesmaids (2011), Universal Pictures, FilmFlex


Being sarcastic is one of the most prominent features of this zodiac sign. They tend to point out the obvious by using sarcastic remarks and often steal the show. An Aquarius doesn’t even have to try hard to be funny or sarcastic. It comes to them naturally. The bold zodiac sign doesn’t shy away from making scintillating remarks even if people don’t approve of them.


Gemini are conversational wizards, no doubt! They are probably the most sarcastic zodiac signs of the lot and proudly so. With a smart sense of humour, creativity and fun-loving personality, they are often the life of the party. These quick-witted people can’t just bite their tongues and have to let the world know how sarcastic they are. Disclaimer: they do not intend to offend people, although mostly it becomes that way.

The 5 zodiac signs are fluent in sarcasm The Pianist (2002), Universal Pictures


Scorpios are out-right the sarcasm genius. Their humour is particularly off the wall and they wouldn’t miss a single chance in the world to tease people. They are a pro at their quick and comical remarks and have an answer for everything. They often use sarcasm to keep the moments light and bond with people over it.


Sagittarians always blurt out what’s on their mind without caring much about how it affects people. And what’s the best way to say the truth? Sarcasm! They have a sense of humour about almost everything and will make the wittiest remarks to point out situations. They can be a bit smart-mouth but they mostly have positive intentions.

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