The Reason You're Single, According To Your Astrological Sign

In spite of your previous relationships, you've been single for a while. But do you know why? According to your astrological sign, here are the things you need to work on...

Aries: Your bossy side. You need to control everything, it wears out your significant other in the long run!

Taurus: Too possessive. Sometimes even manipulative! And no, you can't always have what you want...

Gemini: Empty promises. You are a talker and a joker, but once you've got them, you create distance between yourself and the other person... It's not the best approach!

Cancer: Your tendency to close yourself off. Sensitive and romantic, strangely enough, the other person suffocates you if they give you too much affection. Contradictory, right?

Leo: Too demanding. You constantly expect to be shown interest, you force the other person to make a lot of effort... It's exhausting!

Virgo: Not very demonstrative of your affection. You are passionate but your coldness sends the opposite message, it's a pity!

Libra: In search of the ideal. You want a perfect relationship and are constantly judging... Learn to accept the other person as they are!

Scorpio: Your stifling jealousy. You understand their desires, but your jealousy makes them run away!

Sagittarius: Your excessive need for freedom. You do not invest enough for fear of locking yourself into your relationship.

Capricorn: Your coldness. Your distant side does not reassure others although your protective and loyal profile is a great asset.

Aquarius: Your excessive need for independence. Your freedom comes first and the other person cannot find a place in your life.

Pisces: You love...madly! At times, it becomes an addiction! That's enough to make anybody run away as fast as they can, don't you think?

Check out the video above for more relationship tips based on your star sign...

Which 13 Reasons Why Character You Are According to Your Astrological Sign? Which 13 Reasons Why Character You Are According to Your Astrological Sign?