Your Old Bras Could Be The Key To Saving The Turtles

Your Old Bras Could Be The Key To Saving The Turtles

Got a little box filled with old bras gathering dust in your closet? You can donate it to help rescue turtles!

Every year, more than 20 000 turtles are wounded, according to Planetoscope. Whether these wounds are caused by illegal fishing or altercations with other animals, turtle shells are being destroyed. In order to save them, the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Association has come up with a solution: your old bras.

A bra for a life

The concept is simple, your bras have straps. While they're normally used to secure the undergarment, in this case, they'd serve as fasteners. When placed a certain way, these recycled straps help fix turtles' broken shells.

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Indeed, healers from the non-profit use them to connect damaged parts of the shells with wires. A technique that hardens the shell, like a cast.

40 turtles saved per week

Although this method is still in its trial phase, the results are very encouraging!

Every week, this beautiful initiative allows them to heal forty turtles. So let's all recycle our old bras for the love of turtles!

To see the results of one of the interventions, watch the video above!

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