How Should You Take Care Of Your Dog's Teeth?

Discover our best tips on how to take care of your furry friend's teeth.

Do you take care of your teeth? Be aware that you are not the only one who needs care and attention in order to display a pretty smile. Your dog also needs to keep its teeth clean and healthy throughout its life. Here are the right things to do!

Why should you keep your dog's teeth clean?

A dog's teeth are very prone to tartar. A dentition with a high tartar deposit will cause more or less serious diseases for many dogs, such as bacterial infections of sensitive gums. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to your companion's teeth.

How to take care of your dog's teeth?

Food and nutrition

To prevent dental problems, it is important that your dog has a good diet. Indeed, the more the dog chews, the fewer tooth problems it will have. Choose quality and dry diet in most cases.


To prevent tartar on your dog's teeth, it is possible to brush its teeth regularly. Depending on the animal, this method can be complex and difficult to implement. It all depends on your companion; a challenging but beneficial task. It is therefore ideal to get it used to it from a very early age.

Bones to chew on

Chewing helps to fight against poor dental hygiene in dogs. So you can buy your dog a bone to chew and give it to it regularly.

Ali Express - Bones to chew without harmful material or pigment, healthy for dogs.


Scaling remains the most effective solution when the tartar has settled heavily on the dog's teeth. This operation is performed under general anaesthesia by a veterinarian. This is an opportunity to extract any cavities (yes, dogs have some too). There is no ideal age to consider descaling since the appearance of tartar varies according to the breeds and the animal's lifestyle.

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