This Shy Baby Meerkat Made The Internet Go Wild

You're going to fall for this adorable baby meerkat!

Nothing makes your day brighter than a picture of a cute baby animal, especially when it's the cutest baby meerkat you've ever met.

Photographer Honky Tonk regularly publishes the animals he photographs on his blog. And it must be said, he has an eye for taking adorable photos that make us all fall in love with these cute fascinating animals.

Even though capturing wild animals can be challenging because of its demanding nature, a good picture can be such a rewarding moment for both the photographer and his public.

One of Tonk's photos caused quite the buzz on the internet. It is of a sweet little baby meerkat who is hiding behind a rock, gradually coming out and trying to be friends with the photographer, to let himself be photographed.

The photographer got incredibly lucky when the newborn got curious and approached Tonk's camera once it realised the camera was harmless and got some pretty good shots of this cute baby.

The animal has just learned how to walk. He is currently in captivity in Inokashira Park near Tokyo.

After being published on Twitter, internet users can’t help liking and sharing the photo. A real dose of cuteness! She stole our hearts with the cutest dark eyes!

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