This Baby Elephant Loves Her Keeper So Much... What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

Here's yet more evidence of the sensitivity and kindness of animals. This incredible story of friendship between a female animal keeper and a young elephant took place in an isolated region of Northern Thailand. And we bet you’re going to fall for it, without fail!

Animal keeper Allie has lived with this very young elephant since its birth and as you can see from the video, the keeper and the pachyderm have developed an extremely strong friendship!

A beautiful friendship

These images were filmed in an elephant sanctuary located near Chai Laid Orchid, in the North of Thailand, in South-East Asia. The accommodation is set up on the grounds of an elephant sanctuary that currently homes 12 large mammals.

The residents are animals who were previously cruelly exploited by their unscrupulous owners for the tourism industry, and following two years of legal battle, the elephants were finally able to join in peaceful retirementin Chai Lai Orchid.

Sensitive animals

There’s no more to prove: elephants are animals with very high intelligence, gifted emotionally and quite clearly, elephant calves are constantly seeking attention and love. They act in the same way a small child would in infancy.

Fortunately, the little elephant star of this video filmed in Thailand seems to have found its perfect substitute mother in the form of animal keeper Allie!

Check out the video above to see the sweet moment for yourself!

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