This is what your favourite character of Gossip Girl says about you

Are you a Blair or Serena? Chuck or Nate? Your favourite character says this about you.

Your personality based on your favourite Gossip Girl character
© James Devaney
Your personality based on your favourite Gossip Girl character

The lavish and scandalous lives of the rich Upper East Side teens of Gossip Girl are hardly relatable, but each character has traits that we identify with.

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Gossip Girl was an on-screen revolution of its time, so whether you loved the show, the clothes, or the scandals, this is what every character says about your personality.

Serena van der Woodsen

Blake Lively James Devaney

Just like our IT girl, you are effortlessly charming and beautiful, with great taste in fashion, yet very impulsive and with horrible time management (if I took a sip every time Serena said ‘I have to go’ I'd be wasted).

Blair Waldorf

Leighton Meester Ray Tamarra

If Queen B is your favourite character, you are very determined, authoritative, and mischievous but with a heart of gold (even though sometimes that might be hard to see with all the scheming).

Dan Humphrey

Penn Badgley Jeffrey Ufberg

Lonely Boy often gets overlooked, because he acts as if he wants to stay out of the whole rich world, but as it turns out, he was way more in than anyone else (spoiler alert). However, just like Dan you are charming and smart.

Nate Archibald

Chace Crawford James Devaney

The Golden Boy was given that nickname for a reason. I mean, he is rich, loyal, and handsome. If Nate is your favourite character you are an independent person, with an optimistic view of life that keeps you grounded (and gets you in trouble at the same time).

Chuck Bass

Ed Westwick James Devaney

It goes without saying that you appreciate the bad boy lifestyle and the finer things in life. While the Dark Knight might put a tough exterior, there are deep issues underneath. You might be a baddie who needs to be in control, but you are also a saddie that needs deep emotional bonds with people.

Jenny Humphrey

Taylor Momsen Marcel Thomas

A rebel at heart seeking their own voice. You play by your own rules but still feel the need to be accepted by others. Just like Little J, you are edgy and determined to be your own person.

Vanessa Abrams

Jessica Szohr Jeffrey Ufberg

If Vanessa is your favorite character, you most likely identify with the indie, boho, and free-spirited vibe. While you are proud of your roots and do not agree with the lifestyle of the masses, somehow you are always part of the drama (I wonder why that is).

Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey

Kelly Rutherford ANDERSON/Bauer-Griffin

Did I forget any last name there? In her defence, Lily has remained the most coherent character and had no regrets about the life that she wanted. In the turmoil of drama, you are a very stable and composed person who does not let anyone walk over you.

Rufus Humphrey

Matthew Settle James Devaney

If Rufus is your favorite character, you either want him as a dad or as a husband, there is no in-between. Just like Rufus, you are a groupie, a simple person, and a waffle-lover.

There is another Gossip Girl spin-off, but is it as good as the original? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.


Gossip Girl

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