The number of times you should fart in a day according to this scientist

Farts are a part of everyday life but somehow they are taboo in our society. Well stop holding them in, a scientist has revealed the amount of farts you should let out in a day.

farts science study how many a day
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farts science study how many a day

By definition of a fart is ‘an escape of gas from the bowels’.This normal bodily function serves a real purpose yet somehow it is surrounded by shame.

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A nutritionist called Ángela Quintas is in the spotlight in October thanks to her work on how digestion works. Her statements on farts and digestion in general have gotten us interested in the subject. So let’s have a look at farts.

Why do we fart?

Farting is a bodily function and is due to several factors. Healthline explains that flatulence is ‘a result of digestion.’ The reason why we fart is that gas builds up inside us which then needs to be released.

The causes of farts include:

  • digestion
  • 'swallowed air': this can happen due to the simple act of breathing or drinking carbonated beverages
  • bacteria in your intestines: Healthline explains that ‘your intestinal bacteria (microbiome) help your body digest certain foods. This process releases hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases'
  • changes in diet: for instance eating more fibre will lead to more gas

What makes us fart?

According to Healthline there are several factors that will influence the amount of times we fart. For instance, in the evening flatulence is more prone to happen as there has been a build up of gas throughout the day.

Certain foods can also be responsible for an abundance of flatulence. Healthline quotes ‘beans’ and ‘broccoli’. However, this is very unique to everyone. It also appears that alcohol and sugar play a role in how much people fart. An allergy to dairy will also lead to flatulence.

If you are a person that can get pregnant then know that the act of growing a human will lead to more flatulence. Periods can also lead to more gas. The menstrual cycle is a time of hormonal change which influences our digestive system and therefore our flatulence.

How much should you fart in a day?

Nutritionist Ángela Quintas released a children’s book in September 2023 called Superpedorro, a book that aims to help people understand about ‘the microbiota and understand what happens to us when we have a tummy ache.’

In a promotional interview, she directly addresses the normal amount of times that people should be farting each day. She says:

It is considered normal to have between 15 and 20 farts a day.

Of course, Quintas specifies that the number of times people fart is heavily dependent on their diet.

Here at Oh!MyMag we think that 15 to 20 farts a day is a generous amount. What do you think?

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