This Bizarre New Toenail Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

  • A new summer trend: long toenails
  • A “French manicure” on very (very) long nails!
  • ”Wolverine” style @nail_sunny
  • You can go for Barbie doll pink! @officialrubysunset
  • All the glitter! @officialrubysunset

Having long and neat fingernails has always been a goal for some women. This summer, we're no longer focusing on hands; it's all about feet... Find out more about this trend!

Are you going to get on-board this (pretty strange, to be honest) long toenail trend? If you're tired of your usual pedicures, you may want to give this unusual trend a shot!

Trending: long toenails

A lot of people won't be into this long toenail trend, but one thing's for sure, if you get on board with it, you definitely won't go unnoticed.

Many women have already adopted this new style and have even, quite surprisingly, decided to share the results on social networks.

Square, sharp, colourful tips or even a French manicure, there's something for everyone! Pictures of this new trend have already started flooding Instagram.

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A small "snag"!

If you go for a French manicure or any other long toenail style, it may cause you problems...

After all, if you have pointy, long toenails, for example, you'll need to buy shoes one or two sizes above your usual size.

We'll let you discover this unusual trend in the pictures above. They're impressive!

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