He Makes Cakes In The Shape Of Everyday Items And The Result Is Amazing!

He Makes Cakes In The Shape Of Everyday Items And The Result Is Amazing!

Check out these completely incredible cakes that you won’t believe are real!

On his Instagram account, Luke Vincentini makes rather unusual cakes. After seeing cakes in the shape of plants, there’s now creations that look just like everyday objects.

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Beer cans, watermelon, cups of coffee, a halved lemon, wooden log and even egg cartons… it’s difficult to believe that these creations are actually cakes!

To make himself stand out from the crowd, Luke Vincentini, a cake designer from New Jersey, creates cakes that look like simple everyday objects before then revealing photos of them after they’ve been cut. And then we can see the several layers of soft sponge under the icing.

Luke works out of world famous Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey. His creations are caught after for anniversaries, weddings, birthday's and just about any occasion you can think of where cake would be appropriate.

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At 23, Luke has over 200k followers on Instagram, with no surprise due to his creations being true artistic and culinary achievements!

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