This Woman Lost Over Six Stone In Less Than A Year In Her Quest For A Perfect 'Revenge Body'

Jenna Romano's break-up inspired her to start living a healthier lifestyle.

When 24-year-old Jenna Romano broke up with her boyfriend last year, she weighed 17 stone. She would frequently be at the shop buying fast food, snacks and sweets and the idea of running anywhere was out of the question.

But the split spurred her on to adopting a healthier lifestyle in order to get a sweet 'revenge body'.

Jenna joined the gym and started going four days a week, gradually building up to going six to eight times a week. She also swapped the unhealthy snacks for healthy proteins, fruits and veggies.

Whilst Jenna started off her weight-loss journey calorie-counting and keeping an eye on the scales, she's now focusing on building muscle and setting herself goals other than just shedding pounds - such as being able to lift certain weights and being able to do a handstand.

Amid all her losses, Jenna has also made one big gain - Tyler, her ex-boyfriend has come back on the scene and the pair are happily loved-up once again. It was Tyler who showed off his support for his girlfriend's hard work online, posting her before and after photos on Reddit with the caption 'She is absolutely incredible.'

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