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Mocked Her Whole Life For Being Overweight, This Woman Has Decided To Make A Serious Change

After being severely mocked for being morbidly obese, this lady decided to do something about it. Tracy Ryan's story is truly inspiring.

For as long as she can remember Tracy Ryan has been mocked, teased and made fun of by people who she has come across. Because she had been overweight since she was a child, Tracy became accustomed to harsh criticisms about her appearance.

To try and forget about all of the negative comments she would receive on a daily basis, Tracy’s escape was comfort eating. She lived a vicious circle for a large part of her life, until she decided to make aradical change.

Action plan

As she got older, her physical health deteriorated and she became seriously at risk of getting cancer, heart problems and diabetes. Medically defined as morbidly obese, Tracy weighed 24 and a half stone on the scales.

She felt that she had no choice but to get a grip on her life so she called in a professional coach who saved her life. She decided to stay away from surgery and instead followed a balanced diet and did a lot of physical exercise. And the hard work paid off, she lost 14 stone in one year!

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What an incredible achievement for such a strong and courageous lady!

Check out the video above to see Tracy's transformation for yourself!

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