There's Something Not Quite Right About This Woman's Face... And It's Driving People Crazy

There's Something Not Quite Right About This Woman's Face... And It's Driving People Crazy

They say art is subjective and people all have their own preferences. The work of Irakli Nadar however has everyone in agreement.

His works are so unique that many have even accused him of cheating!

A particular method

He begins by taking an image from the internet that he reworks with a retouching software like Photoshop. Once he has achieved the desired result, he recreates this image on a blank canvas! ‘Yes, that's right, there was a lot of speculation around my art and there always will be,’ the artist told Urban Muse Magazine.

Like any good artist he has many critics. Many question his method, accusing him of ‘photobashing.’ This is a method of applying many filters on a digital photo to make it look like a painting. ‘At first, I was angry and sad, because I knew the real process behind my art, but my enemies gave me more motivation to work harder and to achieve my goals. Then I started recording videos of my process, I even shared my painting process and it helped me a lot, but the hate is still there.’

The 28-year-old regularly publishes start-to-finish videos of his work. It is with a certain talent that Irakli Nadar creates such beautifully realistic digital portraits.

Self-confidence and perseverance

‘All this has taught me that the more you succeed, the more they try to bring you down and the only thing that stops you from achieving your goals is giving up. Movement is life and you should continue to progress no matter what happens,’ Irakli Nadar said to Momenta.

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Good advice that he has been able to apply throughout his career. His works can be seen on Art Station.

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