The Internet is falling for this adorable dog with Mickey Mouse ears

Meet the adorable Goma, a little Japanese dog whose physical particularity is making everyone go crazy!

Of course, the internet is full of photos and videos of cute kittens, singing parrots, and puppies with adorable faces. But sometimes some animals attract more attention than others.

Meet Goma!

Sometimes, on our journeys around the web, we come across real gems that make us go gaga for the rest of the day. This is the case with the little dog we are going to introduce to you today!

This is the adorable Goma, a little ball of fur who lives with her owner in Japan. She is extremely popular on her Instagram account, to the point of collecting no less than 110,000 followers. And this is thanks to an exceptional physical feature... Her Mickey Mouse ears! It would not be surprising to see her in a movie soon! In the meantime, the little animal is a joy to its happy owners.

A true internet star

Goma, whose name means ‘sesame’ in Japanese, is a little dog resulting from a cross between a Maltese and a Papillon. This explains her strange morphology which today is making the whole world fall in love with her! At the same time, how can you not fall in love with this cute little face!

You can follow her on social networks through the publications posted by her owners. A true influencer! And this is not to the displeasure of internet users. The number of followers on the little animal's profile is constantly increasing. So, did you too succumb to the charm of this adorable six-year-old dog with the incomparable ears?

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